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Whether your garage door(s) just need some adjusting, or some extra

support from that little bump you gave it when you backed into it, we

can service and maintain your residential and commercial garage doors

and openers.

Give us a call today to schedule a time for us to come out. (970) 240-9320.

To help us, help you better, here is some useful information you can tell our secretary when you call.

1. Garage Door size
2. Make of garage door and/or opener
3. Description of the problem

Here is a list of our common services we can provide. If you don't see your issue here, it doesn't mean we can't help you. Give us a call.

1. Adjust tracks and lubricate rollers and hinges
2. Adjust or replace Safety sensors
3. Replace gear kit in opener
4. Replace broken spring(s)
5. Replace opener circuit boards

6. Reinforce garage door with struts
7. Adjust spring torsion to balance door
8. Replace weather-seal
9. Replace broken or frayed cables
10. Reprogram or replace remotes and Keyless entries

While we appreciate you calling us when your garage door(s) need some help, there are some issues you can fix yourself. Please take a look at some common issues.

1. Remote Batteries:
Remotes start to lose distance when the battery starts to die. If you have another remote, try testing with that one first. If that does get better results, pop the first remote open and replace the battery. Make sure the battery is in correctly.

2. Safety Sensors:
Most garage doors nowadays have safety sensors. They make sure you can't close the door on anything that might be under the door; such as toys, bikes, etc. These can get dirty or bumped and misaligned, which will cause the door to not close all the way. In most openers, the light will flash or you will hear a series of clicks if the bulb is burnt out. Check to make sure nothing is in the way of the safety sensors. There are two sensors, one at the bottom of each track. On most sensors, there is a LED or light on each sensor indicating it has power and is aligned. Check to see if the lights are on. If you don't see a light, try re-aligning the sensor by loosening the wing nut and moving the sensor slightly to re-align with the other sensor.

3. Door won't close without holding the wall button:
This can also be a safety sensor problem. Check your sensors. If they are good, this is an indication that there is a more problematic issue and will need our professional services. Please give us a call

Garage door not working right? Does it need a little TLC or maybe a whole overhaul? We can help.


Here is a list of some of the issues that will need our professional service.


1. Door won't go up:

Most doors have torsion springs that do most of the heavy lifting. These torsion springs will be mounted above the door. Look for a gap somewhere. You might have a broken spring or springs as some doors have more than one spring.


2. Opener runs, but the door doesn't move:

Openers have a set of gears that can wear out over time and need replacing. Replacement of gears averages about every 10 years.


3. Misaligned door or crooked door:

This is an indicator of a broken cable and will need to be replaced.

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